Non-Negotiable Activity Plan

Run Your Business like a Business.

In the mortgage origination industry if you want to create a sustainable model, one that will provide a steady stream of income regardless of the circumstances, you must approach the business as a business. Gone are the days where you took orders from someone else – now you’re the one calling the shots. It’s the kind of power and freedom you’ve been dreaming about. But with great power and freedom comes great responsibility. To function effectively as a business you must devise a comprehensive business plan. You’ll need to have a vision, and a purpose. You’ll need to set goals and identify who your ideal clients are going to be. And you’ll need to know exactly what marketing and operational processes you’ll need to have in place.

Non-negotiable Activity Plan

Developing your business plan is a big step. But it actually means nothing if you don’t also develop a non-negotiable activity plan as well. These are all the activities you absolutely must do, whether you feel like it or not, in order to build a sustainable business.

The items that go on your non-negotiable activity plan are the tasks you need to do in order to execute your strategy – whether that’s in marketing or database management. This is where you add all the tasks, no matter how small, in an executable and measurable format. No matter what, you’re going to execute this winning formula every single week of the year that you work. You create a foundation that regardless of how busy you get, no matter how frustrated, you know that these activities are your blueprints for success and sustainability. You can have a weekly plan or break it out by the day.

The most important thing to recognize is that these activities need to be done regardless of how many loans you take or loan level problems you face. If you have never read the Compound Effect by Darrin Hardy you should. He has taught me it is the things you do every day that add up to long-term success.  Here’s an example of a non-negotiable plan.


  • Email/text/call to agents – buyer updates / loan comparisons from weekend and see if they have open house prospects
  • 5 calls to Prospect or Database
  • Facebook / LinkedIn Post about weekend open houses or market updates
  • 5 REALTOR® Calls


  • 5 calls to database
  • Process Prospects for the following week: Mail thank you notes, schedule follow-up, add to social media and your CRM.
  • Follow up on Refinance Prospects
  • 1 REALTOR® Meeting
  • 5 REALTOR® Calls


  • Add contacts to database – buyer / new contacts you have just met
  • 5 calls to database
  • 1 REALTOR® Meeting
  • 1 Sphere of Influence Meeting
  • Review pre-approved database for credit expiration dates, updated docs and make calls to anyone who needs updated info
  • Call REALTOR® that have new listings to target open houses


  • 5 calls to database
  • 1 REALTOR® meeting


  • Facebook / LinkedIn: update weekend availability
  • 5 calls to database
  • Call pre-approved and prospective buyers
  • Call REALTORS® with pre-approved buyer updates (rates, programs, etc.)
  • Email/Text/Call REALTOR® with weekend availability

Regardless of the metrics and activities you put into your plan, it won’t do you any good unless you know the results. Once a week it’s important to look at how you performed in each of the activities you set and critical that you evaluate the results from those activities. Give yourself a report card. It’s really the only way to see if your plan is working. If it isn’t you’ll be able to make adjustments each week to do more of the things that create the results you want. You won’t be left at the end of the year wondering why you didn’t meet your goals.

To get a sample copy of the Activity Plan Report Card that I use click on this link: