How Do You Keep Your Passion and Creativity Alive?

The mortgage and Real Estate business can often feel like a grind. We do the same things day in and day out which can lead to burn out. Many people then feel trapped because of the high earnings potential this industry provides. Most of us cannot simply quit and decide to be a heart surgeon so we lose the freedom to choose what we are doing. The job will get heavier and heavier UNLESS you find passion again. So, how can we overcome these cycles? We can find things both inside and outside our jobs to keep our purpose and passion alive. My purpose in life is to share wisdom with others that can lead them to more joy and less suffering. I have found that I get to do that in my leadership job but I also have found a way to do this outside of work. In addition to my Foundation to Sustainable Success book and platform, I am also the founder of Big Voices and author of the recent best seller Big Voices. Writing before work helps me wake up excited and feeds my creative hunger. I saw a quote the other day that said purpose is your best alarm clock and I firmly believe this is true. If you are feeling off or need some renewed energy, I would encourage you to explore something creative to do. Whether it is recording a video, writing a blog, sharing your music, painting, or anything creative to help you feel alive.

I want to share my recent interview on The American Dream Show. Not only does it explain the Big Voices Movement but also shows you what someone within this industry can do with their creativity. The founder, Craig Sewing, was in mortgage when we met years ago. He had a burning desire to also share more of his creative side and started first with radio while originating loans. Over time, he moved to television where he now brings his show to millions of people nationwide weekly. He is always looking for industry professionals to collaborate with as well, so if this is something that interests you reach out to them at Ignite Media. I am not suggesting you quit your day job like Craig did in mortgage, but I am certain you will be more likely to live an extraordinary life if you find more passion and creativity!

If you are feeling sluggish, have some compassion for yourself and simply make the decision that you are not trapped and you have freedom to write a new story today. Take some time to invest in yourself and add finding creative ways to build your business to your plan!