How Can You Create More Success And Be More Accountable To Your Own Goals?

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not enough to have a business plan. You must create a non-negotiable activity plan that will have you taking the actions you need to take to make the business plan a reality. You must be 100% committed to accomplishing the activities – that is why they are non-negotiable. In addition to scheduling time daily to do these things you should also be tracking your results and conversion rates. As markets change, these numbers can change. Asking your manager or a coach to hold you accountable will help ensure you do the things you should be doing even when you don’t feel like doing them—discipline not motivation.

Weekly Status Reporting

I recommend using a weekly report so you can make adjustments quickly if you aren’t getting the results you need. If you fall short one week just add those activities to the following week. Always do a mid-week check on Wednesday at noon to see where you are. You may need to kick up your activity levels if you have fallen behind. (A sample weekly report is available on this website.)

You also need to make quick adjustments if clients or referral partners cancel. You will want to replace those meetings as soon as possible rather than just telling yourself it is not your fault.

The only person who suffers when you don’t do these things is you. The reason the activities are non-negotiable is that everyone is good at making excuses and then complaining that we don’t have enough business. You are the one that made your goals and plan so having the discipline to follow through is key. Some of the items you will want to do daily are to return all calls and emails timely. Even if you don’t have the time to spend with the person at that moment, calling and setting up another time to talk will help you. Clients and referral sources will move on quickly if you aren’t responsive. Also ensure that your voicemail is never full. A full voicemail can make individuals feel you are too busy for their business. Remember, everyone wants to believe they will be getting your undivided attention.

As you get busy, you may want to adopt a more professional approach. Offering appointment times rather than trying to offer a solution from your car as you’re driving down the highway will guarantee you don’t miss anything. I recommend booking appointments 90 minutes apart so you always have time for fires and call backs in between.

Assessing Your Daily State

If you aren’t executing daily it is likely YOU are the reason you aren’t and you will need to work more on your mindset. Your week should allow time to be creative about your business. This will give you energy and ignite more passion for what you are doing. Leave some time to research new ideas or to meet new people so you can learn how they created success.

By now you should have identified how you sabotage your own success. If you haven’t, go back and read January’s blog regarding sabotage management. Whether you are triggered or encounter other challenges, you have to remain focused on the end result you want to achieve. Assessing your state daily will help you make adjustments quickly. This is a burn out business where we can rapidly get into a funk. Remaining aware of how your state affects your ability to execute will guide you to seek help faster. We all have people in our life that can inspire us or get us out of a funk. Don’t delay in seeking out help. You want to have more good days than bad days.

And don’t beat yourself up if you do have a bad day. Don’t focus on it… just move on. Make a commitment to getting back to your plan the next day and give yourself a break. Use the sabotage management plan to ensure that if you do get in a funk you know how to get yourself out. If you get triggered use the four step process and get back to business as soon as you can.