Are You Ready for Summers Off?

Do you want to take summers off like you did when you were a kid? There are days I sure wish I could.

It is no surprise that most people lose some of their discipline and motivation throughout the summer. Whether you have kids at home or not, most of us crave more freedom. The weather is better, the sun is out, and our clients are always on vacation! With social media, we now also get to see everyone else having fun while we are trying to remain focused at work. Because we grew up with summers off we are programmed to want that freedom. It is imperative that you don’t lose momentum and sabotage your goals and plans though. This will allow you to take even more time off throughout the year and even retire earlier. Here are some tips to help you remain focused:

  1. Review your goals and business plan every morning before you start your day. Review your why and visualize yourself at the end of the year not having achieved your goals. What would not remaining focused cost you? How would you feel? Continue to picture yourself out 1 year, 5 years, 10 years out to really feel the impact of not doing what you need to today on your future self.
  2. Cultivate more energy. For some this means more alone time. For others, they get it working out. Really identify what creates energy for you and schedule this into your day.
  3. Limit social media viewing IF it sabotages your focus OR if it creates envy or animosity as others are enjoying their summer fun.
  4. Evaluate your tribe. Ensure you have supportive friends and role models that support your goals not encourage you to abandon them for pleasure seeking activities that may derail you later.

We can all have fun and be successful simultaneously. It takes intention and work but it is possible!