Create More Opportunity Now!

The truth is you probably have a lot of missed opportunity in your database and peer group. We make so many assumptions like if anyone needs anything they will come back to me. This assumption is flawed and proven to be wrong. Only about 20% of people go back to their lender for a subsequent loan and according to NAR’s Profile of Home buyers and sellers only 55% of sellers used the same agent to list as they did to buy their home. We must make changes to how we connect with our database if we want to maximize opportunity. Your limiting belief that I don’t want to bother people must be changed to I add value every time I connect with people which will lead me to future opportunity:

I add value every time I connect with people which will lead me to future opportunity.

Here are some tips to create more opportunity:

  1. Make a commitment for daily contacts. Whether you choose 5 or 10 connections, set a goal. Make this non-negotiable where you say NO if someone asks you to meet during that time.
  2. Create a ritual for the contacts that ensures you are doing research and setting yourself for future opportunity. Come up with scripts or reasons ahead of time for calling. Review social media for life changes before you call and check county records to see if you already missed an opportunity. Ensure you make sure they have your business cards at home and work OR that you have texted them your APP.
  3. Educate your database on your goal of receiving 2 referrals per year and ask them for help. Everyone knows somebody that might be a good connection. Keep asking for help and offering help as well.
  4. Create opportunity for others. When you seek to support others you will benefit both directly and indirectly. Quit measuring reciprocity or results directly. Just make a commitment to constantly add value and new opportunities will come to you.

I recommend that you start prospecting more within your database and people you have connected with in the past. More leads may not be the answer…it may be go deeper with people you already know!