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Want to Learn to Communicate Better and Close More Sales?

Over the last month I have asked numerous Realtors and Lenders if they have taken a communication course and the overwhelming response was “NO”. Most of you expressed interest in wanting to, so I asked my friend and mentor, Mark Yegge, author of Negotiate to Win-Win, to offer a discount and a special webinar on 2/19 just for people in mortgage and real estate. I would highly recommend this course if you want to close more sales and obtain more referrals!

His course “Winning With Personality-Based Communication” covers the following:

  • The 4 Personality Temperaments
  • How Your Customer Receives Your Message
  • Best Questions To Ask – Based On Their Type
  • Using New Rapport To Build Trust – And Close More Business
  • How To Adjust Your Style ON THE FLY

Click Here to sign up immediately! Space is limited so sign up today!

Here is the info:
Special Webinar Date:
February 19, 2019
6:30PM Pacific (9:30PM Eastern)


11:00AM Pacific (2:00PM Eastern)

Here is some more info on Mark:

Mark Yegge is your instructor for this course. Mark is a seasoned CEO and management consultant – so he understands what skills are needed in business. Additionally, he has a passion for teaching people about business, finance, negotiation and communication. He has won numerous “Instructor Of The Year” awards from the Dale Carnegie organization, where he enjoys his role as a part-time adjunct trainer.

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