How Can We Find Momentum?

Business doesn’t have to be so hard for us. We can find momentum both in opportunity and our process flow. Our thoughts are what can make it so difficult. It is so easy to focus on what is not satisfactory in our business or worse yet focus on what others are doing. We need to learn how to think deliberately and focus on what we want to create.
Here are some recommendations on how to do this:
1. Make a list of the thoughts that are in alignment with your vision and goals and the ones that are not. It might be easier for you to document the ones that are not… thoughts like inventory is too low or there are too many discount companies out there. Thoughts like I am tired and can just wait until I feel like making my calls might also show up.
2. Start every day with goals and intentions for activities that support your desired quality output. For a Realtor, this is the number of listing presentations and buyer consultations you have. For a lender, the number of loan applications you take. It is too easy to focus on things that don’t create your desired quality output.
3. Watch your thoughts throughout the day…sort and qualify them against your list you created in step 1. If they are satisfactory, focus on them. If not, release them. Also, only take action on the activities that support your vision and goal. Overtime you will see how many thoughts and actions we take don’t support building positive momentum.
As you learn to focus more on what you are trying to create, momentum will build! We will also be more positive and have more energy to serve the clients that need us!
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