Level up your speaking and presentation skills with Tom Bresnahan

If you’re in sales, work with clients, or interact with the public in any capacity, the words you use and how you present yourself are vitally important. Yet so many of us put little or no effort into developing our speaking and presentation skills on a regular basis.

In fact, the fear of public speaking (called glossophobia) affects 75% of the population and ranks as the #1 biggest fear for Americans – even above death (which is #5 on the list)!

However, as Star Power Talk founder Tom Bresnahan explains it, “The words you communicate determine the profitability of your business.”

So, if you want to find newfound success (and income) in business, invest in your speaking and presentation skills, just like you would if you were learning a new language or mastering any other field of expertise.

In this video, guest Norm Schriever and I chat with Star Power Talk founder Tom Bresnahan about tips for improving your speaking and presentation skills, like making your prospective client the star of their own “hero’s journey.”

Enjoy the video and please contact me if you’d like to get some more effective strategies or to connect with Tom!