Live in flow instead of fear during this Coronavirus pandemic.

As I write this, we are in the midst of the most prolonged pandemic crisis we have seen in my lifetime. The swine flu, at least to date, affected more people than the Coronavirus but was less deadly. We are now seeing social distancing become the norm, and many places are on lockdown. Our economy […]

Kelly Resendez on the Millionaire Mindcast podcast!

Getting Into Flow State And Arming Yourself For Long Term Wealth Building And Success I recently appeared as a guest on the popular national podcast, Millionaire Mindcastwith host Matt Aitchison. You can listen to the podcast here or click on the image below. From the Millionaire Mindcast podcast description: In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, our […]

Educational resources for children stuck at home.

Many of you have kids at home right now, which may require you to be more patient and understanding that you’ve ever have been.  The best advice we can give you is to make the best of it, using this time to encourage your child’s learning and personal growth. Children need structure, and that’s more […]

Time to Rise! Facts about gender inequality in the workplace.

March is Women’s History Month, with this year’s theme focusing on the future of women in all aspects of society, including business. So, today I wanted to share some insights into just how close we’ve come to breaking the glass ceiling in the U.S. workplace, but also how prevalent and ingrained gender inequality still is. […]

20 Quotes about sales from the best in the biz (that every Realtor and loan officer should read!)

I know that you love what you do, but let’s face it: selling real estate or home loans can be a grind. There are countless hours, never-ending To Do lists, and prospects who sometimes give us the runaround. Our phones or email are rarely off, and ours is a lot closer to a 24/7/365 vocation […]

How to finally achieve balance in your life!

Are you constantly overwhelmed, feel like you can’t keep up, and challenged when it comes to staying aligned? If you finally want to finally achieve balance in your life, you won’t want to miss this video!

New Year = New Opportunities!

It’s 2020, and with a new year comes new opportunities! Take a listen and take your business to the next level in 2020! Please contact me if you’d like to talk about your 2020 goals and GET STARTED!

How can you prepare for an amazing 2020?

Here are some tips on preparing your goals and business plan. 

Get Ready for 2020!

Get ready for 2020 so you can crush your goals.

Are you ready to work on you?

Who you’re being matters!!! Here are some suggestions on adopting the right beliefs so you can create an amazing life and business!

How are you maximizing opportunities with Millennials?

Watch our most recent Realtor Coaching event where we shared facts and opportunities within the Millennial demographic. We remove many myths you may have heard and offer info from NAR’s Generational Trends Report that can be found here.

Do you have an opportunity creation system?

With the market turning, how can building a opportunity creation system that will help you in spite of any downturn?

Is the seasonal downturn out of your control? Or is this the year you crush it?

I recently held a Realtor Coaching event where I shared tips on navigating the seasonal downturn and creating a new level of success for yourself in spite of what the market does! You can create new beliefs and activities that are proven to generate more opportunity. Take a listen and create your seasonal plan today!

How can you use your Big Voice and remain more confident?

So many things outside of our control can derail us. Listen to how you can stay in your Big Voice and speak up for yourself should someone challenge or question you in business.

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