How can you prepare for an amazing 2020?

Here are some tips on preparing your goals and business plan. 

Get Ready for 2020!

Please check out our latest goal and business planning course. It will help you get ready for 2020 so you can crush your goals.

You can use the attached Goal Sheet here.

Are you ready to work on you?

Who you’re being matters!!! Here are some suggestions on adopting the right beliefs so you can create an amazing life and business!

How are you maximizing opportunities with Millennials?

Watch our most recent Realtor Coaching event where we shared facts and opportunities within the Millennial demographic. We remove many myths you may have heard and offer info from NAR’s Generational Trends Report that can be found here.

Do you have an opportunity creation system?

With the market turning, how can building a opportunity creation system that will help you in spite of any downturn?

Is the seasonal downturn out of your control? Or is this the year you crush it?

I recently held a Realtor Coaching event where I shared tips on navigating the seasonal downturn and creating a new level of success for yourself in spite of what the market does! You can create new beliefs and activities that are proven to generate more opportunity. Take a listen and create your seasonal plan today!

How can you use your Big Voice and remain more confident?

So many things outside of our control can derail us. Listen to how you can stay in your Big Voice and speak up for yourself should someone challenge or question you in business.

How can we set ourselves for sustainable success?

Sure… the market is hot which is awesome, but how can we continue to generate opportunities for slower months and into 2020? With the year half way over it is important to recalibrate your goals!

Is It Time To Plan A Client Appreciation Party?

Take a listen to some steps you can take to get your next client appreciation party planned. All we need is a plan that we can break down into bite sized steps!

How Can We Find Momentum?

Business doesn’t have to be so hard for us. We can find momentum both in opportunity and our process flow. Our thoughts are what can make it so difficult. It is so easy to focus on what is not satisfactory in our business or worse yet focus on what others are doing. We need to learn how to think deliberately and focus on what we want to create.
Here are some recommendations on how to do this:
1. Make a list of the thoughts that are in alignment with your vision and goals and the ones that are not. It might be easier for you to document the ones that are not… thoughts like inventory is too low or there are too many discount companies out there. Thoughts like I am tired and can just wait until I feel like making my calls might also show up.
2. Start every day with goals and intentions for activities that support your desired quality output. For a Realtor, this is the number of listing presentations and buyer consultations you have. For a lender, the number of loan applications you take. It is too easy to focus on things that don’t create your desired quality output.
3. Watch your thoughts throughout the day…sort and qualify them against your list you created in step 1. If they are satisfactory, focus on them. If not, release them. Also, only take action on the activities that support your vision and goal. Overtime you will see how many thoughts and actions we take don’t support building positive momentum.
As you learn to focus more on what you are trying to create, momentum will build! We will also be more positive and have more energy to serve the clients that need us!
P.S. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, schedule a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute business planning with us to explore our Advanced Coaching options! Email