Actualizing Your Potential

Do you have blocks that are holding you back from actualizing your potential? I had a great time with Wally at Men of Abundance sharing my story. If you want to take your life to the next level, I share strategies on how to remove any blocks that might be holding you back!

Want to crush your goals in 2019?

Here are some tips on how to get started!


Do you want to cultivate more gratitude?

November is a time to be grateful, yet with so many people concerned about the market it might be hard to be. I used to think when people told me to have an attitude of gratitude it meant to just look at all the good things I had to be grateful for when something bad was happening. So in essence, try and replace my negative emotional response or reaction by focusing on my family, an upcoming vacation or anything else positive. What I found was it never worked long time.

What true grateful living is involves being grateful for all experiences, good or bad. So as you endure something hard or traumatic, you simply ask, “What is great about this?” It can be one of the hardest habits we adopt, yet the most powerful one. It will help you fully embrace the idea that life is happening for you. You see every frustration, disappointment or pissed off moment as an opportunity for growth rather than a block to your happiness.

Here are some tips for putting this into practice immediately:

  1. When you are emotionally triggered, seek to take a few minutes to either think about or journal about the experience and find at least one to two reasons you can be grateful for what happened.

Example: Client calls/e-mails complaint about your communication. They had expected to hear from you and not your assistant. You’re pissed originally because they raved about the assistant. You become grateful for their feedback because you recognize you can change expectations upfront and provide a communication outline in writing.

  1. Create a gratitude list. For some people, cultivating more gratitude needs to become a habit. I recommend journaling daily, but for those of you who don’t want to just grab a notebook and everyday write one to five things you are grateful for. Focus on both the challenges you faced along with the wins you had. When you have a tough day, go back and read past entries.

Just implementing these two habits may change your life! We get what we focus on! In this industry we face a lot of pressure, so it is important we offset it with gratitude.

Who’s ready to defy the market slow down?

As the leaves turn and fall is upon us, the market typically slows down. I want to remind you this is a choice! As everyone follows the crowd, you can differentiate yourself. If you do more lead acquisition activities, you won’t miss a beat. People are still listing their homes, buying houses and refinancing. We cannot dispute the cyclical nature of our business, but we also must ask ourselves, “Was I operating at 100% when my business was thriving?” It is likely you were working on business you already had, not on creating new business.

I urge you to make a shift immediately. Commit to trying new things to generate new opportunities. Create a weekly schedule that is non-negotiable and do it even when you don’t feel like it.

Here are some ideas to help you:

  1. Make ten connections a day. Can be your database, sphere, or people you have met. Center your script around asking for help. Admit it’s not easy for you, but remind them you would love two referrals a year and why. See how you can also help them.
  2. Host a holiday gathering for your top connections. Have goody bags filled with value added items.
  3. Visit past clients at work and ensure they have cards there. Bring treats for them to share with coworkers.
  4. Door knock your target area with an invite to a market update webinar. Obtain info so you can send them the recording invite all your database, sphere and referral contacts. This will require preparation, but will be worth it. You can also promote on social media.
  5. Host a wealth building seminar and educate people on buying an investment property. With the duration of time someone is expected to be in their home, increasing this is a must to keep engaged.

If you really put your creative hat on, you could probably come up with 100 ideas. The goal now is to isolate it down to three or five and master the activity. Make it a habit or tradition and measure the results. This not only will help you grow your business, but give you peace of mind as well.


What help do you need to create more success?

Often we get overwhelmed when markets change or the season changes…how can vulnerability be the key to creating more success at times like this? Take a listen to some tips on asking for help and creating more opportunity for yourself!



Fall into some more success!

With the season changing, it is important we really dig into our plan to see how it is working. Take a listen to some tips on how we can effectively measure our ROI on our time and money and also identify where we should be focusing more!


How will you handle a shifting market?

Here are some tips on taking back your control and remaining powerful in spite of any market changes you face!


5 Beliefs that will change your life and business!

Here are 5 new beliefs that will change the quality of your life and business:

  1. I can become growth minded: see every problem or challenge as an opportunity to grow. Invest more time in yourself and how you can change to increase your level of joy and success.
  2. I can become goal-oriented. Goals will increase your feeling of success and happiness. Our brains will release powerful-feel good hormones when we set goals for ourselves and then take action to reach them. Take time every day to review where you are, where you want to go, and what you can do that day to progress.
  3. I can manage my thoughts and emotions so that they do not steal my joy or inner peace. I accept that I my authentic self would not produce guilt, shame, blame or fear and that any of these disempowering thoughts do not serve me.
  4. I will stay in joy “in spite” of anything that life throws me. I accept that I cannot please everyone and that no one is free from suffering. I will continuously cultivate resilience, trust, and faith to get me through the darkest of seasons. Even if the market slows, I can cultivate new opportunities without jeopardizing my abundant mindset.
  5. I am completely responsible for how I experience life. I must generate the energy and discipline needed to stay on the path to emotional and physical well-being. I will not rely on motivation and will simply choose the right habits regardless of how I feel. I know everyone does the best they can and focusing on how others live their life will only steal my joy.

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